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Bruce C. Bernstein has over 40 years of helping individuals with their legal problems. Bruce graduated with honors from the University of Denver College of Law in 1970. Prior to starting Bruce C. Bernstein, P.C. in 1982, he was a Staff Attorney for Denver Legal Aid (now Colorado Legal Services), an Assistant Solicitor General for the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, and Chief Attorney/Executive Director of The Legal Center for Disabled Persons (now Disability Law Colorado). Bruce has 20 years experience as an on-call Special Education Hearing Officer and over 10 years experience as a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee. He has taught lawyers and non-lawyers about various aspects of Bankruptcy Law, Disability Law, and Family Law and has published multiple articles on these fields of law. He shares his expertise by doing presentations to a variety of groups on these subjects. Call him for a speaker

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This experience has resulted in an intimate understanding of the law that allows him to offer his clients the most thorough and effective representation. He also cares deeply about helping each client on an individual basis. Bruce will keep you informed of all your legal options and fully prepare you for any necessary court appearances. He will listen patiently to your concerns and work hard to secure a positive outcome for your case. To him and his staff, you are more than just a case file.

When you need assertive and accurate representation, look to the experience of Bruce C. Bernstein, P.C. You are welcome to contact his office to schedule an appointment, or check the Services page for a list of offered legal services. Feel free to read the following customer testimonial to learn more about how Bruce C. Bernstein, P.C. can help you with your legal difficulties.



Bruce is also a qualified Mediator for all matters, with special emphasis on family law cases involving a disabled spouse and/or child/children. Mediation is often a “win-win” solution that saves time, legal fees, and stress/strain. Bruce serves as a facilitator who helps folks self-resolve their dispute(s) to their own satisfaction, instead of having a resolution forced on them by a Judge.

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