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Client Comments

You Kept Me On My Feet When I Was Falling – by B.P. – 2016

“Bruce, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the very hard work you did for me, or should I say us. You made me think of my dad many times throughout these last two years, you kept me on my feet when I was falling…”

Highly Effective for my Social Security Disability Claim – by C.B. – 2012

“Bruce C. Bernstein, P.C. was my Social Security Disability lawyer. He does not pussyfoot around. You might not like what he says, but you can be assured that it’s the truth. He’s quite blunt. If you want someone who will tell you exactly how it is and what you need to do, then this is your guy. I appreciated knowing the facts.

I hired him after my disability claim was denied by Social Security, even though I was disabled and my doctor had told me that I could no longer work. Mental disability is very tricky, so I needed an expert. He knew exactly what to do. In fact, he was so good that the magistrate (judge) called him the day before my hearing to tell him he was awarding me my SSDI. I didn’t even have to appear before the magistrate! How good is THAT?

The paperwork and documentation Bruce had turned in was so complete that the magistrate had no questions about my eligibility.

He is successful. If you want to prevail, do exactly what he tells you to do. He knows what he’s doing. MHCD and the local Social Security offices know who he is. He is effective, and that is what I wanted and needed.”

Exceptional Service – by K.T. – 2010

“Thank you for all your help over the past nine months. I have been extremely impressed from the very beginning with the amount of information and assistance … provided, with the unwavering clarity of your instruction, with the immediate follow up after each meeting and with your courteousness and professionalism and expertise… I have never, in any field, experienced anything close to the exceptional service you provided.”

Couldn’t Have Done It Without You – by N.H. – 2005

“I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks again for your excellent service.”

Professionalism And Wit Made My Situation More Bearable – by M.C. – 2005

“This comes to …thank you for the knowledgeable and courteous way in which you handled my bankruptcy case. It was with a great deal of trepidation that I came to our first meeting, not knowing what to expect. Your professionalism (and wit!) was apparent immediately and the ensuing six months made a troubling situation more bearable.”

Guided Me Well – by E.P. – 2004

“You spent about half an hour on the phone with me today helping me to think through our options beside bankruptcy. I just had to drop a note to tell you again how much I appreciate it! Truthfully, I hope that I never speak to another bankruptcy attorney in my lifetime. But if I need to, you’ll be the guy that I call. Many, many thanks, Bruce!”

We’d Been Ready to Give Up – by D. & T. S. – 2002

“We would like to express our thanks and gratitude. Our initial dealings with the Social Security system frustrated us to the point of giving up. Your expertise in handling these cases made the difference for us. We feel sad for the hundreds of other people in your position who threw in the towel and just walked away.”

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